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Make changing the course of cancer part of your story.

Every day we see the profound impact of gifts in wills to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. More Manitobans are living longer, better lives after a cancer diagnosis, and spending more tomorrows with the people they love.

Legacy gifts shape the future of cancer breakthroughs.

A gift in your will increases hope for those facing a cancer diagnosis in the future and creates a purposeful partnership that allows you to direct your gift to an area that is meaningful to you.

The More Tomorrows Legacy Circle        

When you arrange a legacy gift to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, you become a member of our More Tomorrows Legacy Circle. This group of caring people with vision have chosen to change the course of cancer for Manitobans.

Members of the More Tomorrows Legacy Circle are offered unique opportunities to engage more closely in the ongoing progress unfolding at CancerCare Manitoba. Facility tours, research presentations, and other events ensure that our strongest champions are informed and celebrated. Inclusion in the Legacy Circle also allows the Foundation to express continued gratitude for your intended gift.

Everything you need to get started

Types of Gifts
A gift in your will perpetuates your values, beliefs and brings to life your desire to make a difference for others. It is an act of hope and determination. You can choose to leave a legacy gift in many ways:  
  • A gift in your will for a specific amount or a percentage of your estate
  • Designating CancerCare Manitoba Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, RRSP, or RRIF
  • Donating an existing life insurance policy
  • A bequest provision that is contingent on another event. For example, you may identify CancerCare Manitoba Foundation as the beneficiary in the event that the beneficiaries identified in your will pre-decease you
Designate Your Gift
You may make your gift unrestricted, to the area of greatest need – and greatest promise. You may also designate your gift to be used in any of the following areas:
  • Research

  • Clinical Trials

  • Patient Treatment and Care

  • Prevention and Early Detection

Important information to include in your legacy gift 
Below you will find important information to include when you’re arranging your legacy gift, ensuring it will be received at CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and helping patients at CancerCare Manitoba. 

Already included a gift in your will? 

On behalf of all Manitobans, thank you! Your generosity provides hope for all who are facing cancer and ensures the sustainability of life-saving research, programs and services for years to come.

Your legacy gift is something that we can celebrate today! Please consider sharing your intentions with us. In doing so, you will help us ensure that your gift is used as you intend. Sharing your intention does not create any legal obligation and the information will be kept confidential. We understand that your estate plans may change over time.

Hear from other Legacy Circle members

Meet members of the More Tomorrows Legacy Circle who, like you, are changing the course of cancer
in Manitoba by leaving a gift in their will.

Sylvia and Gord

“I wanted to honour the great care I received at CancerCare Manitoba and the many great friends I have made with a gift in my will.” 

– Sylvia


I say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,’ not just with my lips, but from my heart.”  
– Lynne

Diane and Ken

“The work in cancer will never stop. Making a gift in our will is a way for us to continue sharing our good fortune for years to come.”

– Diane

Get in touch with us
If you are considering leaving a legacy gift for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and require further details on how to include a gift in your will, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  It would be a privilege to discuss with you, your considerations, answer questions and offer support in making this very important decision.

Monique Gauthier
Development Manager