As part of its mandate, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation has a responsibility to its donors to distribute funds to CancerCare Manitoba in a prudent and responsible manner. All grant requests must meet the guidelines, principles and timelines set out by CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to meet eligibility requirements.

Annually the Board, through the Projects, Grants & Awards Committee, considers peer-reviewed research and program proposals submitted by CCMB which align with its strategic plan. Funding requests are thoughtfully reviewed and recommended for approval.

For the fiscal year 2017-2018, the Foundation invested $6.9 million in strategic projects for CancerCare Manitoba.

Examples of key projects funded this past year include Core Operating Budget for CancerCare Manitoba’s Research Institute, Research Office, Translational Research, Epidemiology and Cancer Registry, Adult and Pediatric Clinical Trials Unit, Patient and Family Resource Centre, Cancer Patient Handbook, Guardian Angel Caring Room, Breast & Gyne Centre of Hope and the After Care Program for childhood cancer survivors.

The graph below shows total operating and capital grants to CancerCare Manitoba of $118 million for the period 2000 to 2018.