Our Leadership

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Board

Executive Officers

Steve Kroft, Chair
Lee Meagher, Vice Chair
Ken Cranston, Treasurer
Diane E. Jones, Secretary
Dr. Joanne Embree, Projects, Grants & Awards Chair
Dr. Mark Evans, Marketing & Development Chair
Patti Smith, President and CEO


Hans C. Andersen
Stuart Blake
Jamie Brown
Selena Hinds
Grant Koropatnick
Doug Pollard
Tony Reznik
Kelvin Smith
Dayna Spiring
Raymond L. McFeetors, Director Emeritus
Andrew B. Paterson, Director Emeritus

CCMB Board Representatives

Jeoff Chipman, Chair
David Mortimer, Vice Chair
Vince Warden, Treasurer
Dr. Sri Navaratnam, President and CEO, CCMB

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Committees

Projects Grants and Awards Committee (PGAC)

Considers grant proposals and makes recommendations to the Board concerning the distribution of donor dollars to support the work of CancerCare Manitoba.

Dr. Joanne Embree, Chair
Stuart Blake
Maury Donen
Dr. Digvir S. Jayas
Diane E. Jones
Grant Koropatnick
Dr. Louise R. Simard
Dr. Sri Navaratnam, CCMB
Dr. Neil Watkins, CCMB

Marketing & Development Committee

Reviews the annual marketing plan and makes recommendations to the Board concerning the development of new revenue sources.

Dr. Mark Evans, Chair
Brian Foreman
Selena Hinds
Lee Meagher
Tony Reznik
Kelvin Smith
Chris Stevens

Finance Committee

Reviews the Foundation’s financial position and makes recommendations to the Board concerning the management of capital funds and investments and the annual budget.

Ken Cranston, Chair
Rick Abbott
Hans C. Anderson
Jamie Brown
Emmanuel Petroulakis
Doug Pollard
Tony Reznik
John Smith