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When professional advisors partner with CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, you better serve your clients’ charitable goals and help their giving change lives.

Professional advisors can:

  • Provide direction for your clients looking to create a family legacy
  • Have greater insight to your clients’ passions
  • Gain extensive knowledge of the charitable community
  • Highlight tremendous tax benefits for your clients

Often the first step in us helping your client is us helping you. We are looking to collaborate with you. We are here to help succeed.

Your professional expertise helps your clients achieve their legacy objectives. Your help with their planning will enable them to make a larger gift than they could during their lifetime and reduce – or even eliminate – the tax burden on their estates. We can help to make it simple by explaining the options to you or your clients.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation readily accepts residual, specific, and contingent bequests, proceeds from RRSPs, RRIFs and TFSA’s, publicly listed securities, and the proceeds from life insurance policies.

Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation will also consider, on a case by case basis, gifts of existing life insurance policies, estate freeze preferred securities, Inter Vivos Charitable Remainder Trusts, and real property. We can also help to establish Endowment Funds (note: might include minimum requirement of $50,000). 

With your help, your clients can create the legacy they envision. Please be in touch with any questions to Janice Feuer, Chief Development Officer at 204-787-2163, or email