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Diane’s care influenced her decision to leave a gift in her will

Diane has seen the impact of donors’ investment in cancer care and patient experience in Manitoba. She returned to Winnipeg in 2013 as a cancer patient who required regular follow-up after successful treatment for a malignant brain tumour.

Diane was immediately impressed with CancerCare Manitoba, where her case was reviewed and monitored by an entire team of oncologists. Initially requiring MRI scans every six months, the time between scans eventually grew to every twelve months.

In 2023, Diane was diagnosed with cancer a second time – this time breast cancer, which was detected early through a routine screening procedure. She successfully underwent surgery and her scans have shown no areas of concern.

Diane enjoys a full life with the people she loves and the activities that are important to her. She cherishes time with her family, and she and her husband Ken take pleasure in travelling, with a particular passion for riverboat cruises.

Having been the recipient of excellent care from the dedicated professionals at CancerCare Manitoba, Diane understands first-hand the importance of funding research, clinical trials, patient care and cancer prevention.

“The work in cancer will never stop. Making a gift in our will is a way for us to continue sharing our good fortune for years to come.” – Diane

If you would like information about including a gift in your will, or how to include a gift, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

Monique Gauthier
Development Manager