Shine a Light this December in tribute of someone you cherish.

Light is seen as a symbol of life, hope, guidance and truth. This December a light display in the darkest month of the year will inspire, encourage, and uplift those touched by cancer while raising funds in support of CancerCare Manitoba.

1,000 lights will shine for all to see at the CancerCare Manitoba building at 675 McDermot Ave, representing those we cherish in memory, honour today, and for the people providing care along the way.

We are grateful to have Shine a Light presented by the Manness Family in Memory of Linda Manness who brought light, love, and hope to so many. Learn more about our presenting family here

The Display:

Strings of white lights will hang in the stairwell windows of the CancerCare Manitoba building from the 7th to main floor, illuminating the surrounding area.

The lights were officially turned on December 1st at 5:00 p.m. during a special outdoor lighting ceremony for donors and community members.

Recognizing The Honourees:

Each light shining represents a special individual. Honouree names for donations made by December 7th are located on the windows in front of the light display.

For a full list of those being honoured please click here.

Click here to read why Manitobans are choosing to Shine a Light.

How To Get Involved:
  1. Make a donation of $100 to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation in memory, honour or tribute to a loved one.
  2. For each $100 donation made, a light bulb will shine in recognition of the chosen honouree.
  3. You may choose to send an electronic card to the honouree or a printed card which CancerCare Manitoba Foundation will send on your behalf with a message of choice. You can also print your own blank card to give at a time of your choosing.
  4. Don’t delay, only 1,000 lights are available.

Donate today to Shine a Light

Your gift will lead to a brighter future for those touched by cancer, and honour someone you love.


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