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14 Sun
Keira’s Winter Klassic @ Virtual
Keira’s Winter Klassic @ Virtual
Feb 14 all-day
Our inaugural Keira’s Winter Klassic held February 3rd, 2018 in honour of Keira Bond, was an unqualified success! Now, after three incredible tournaments, Keira’s Winter Klassic and our amazing supporters have raised over $83,000 towards pediatric brain cancer research! Keira was just 10 years old when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. Despite the devastating diagnosis, within a few short months, Keira had decided she wanted … Continue reading Keira’s Winter Klassic
Blake’s Egg Sale
The #BSICareToReply Challenge @ BSI Social Media
The #BSICareToReply Challenge @ BSI Social Media
Feb 14 all-day
The #BSICareToReply Challenge @ BSI Social Media
Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s spread the love. ❤️🖤 The #BSICareToReply Challenge: It’s so easy to spread hate and misinformation on social media. For once, lets spread the love! For every positive comment 🗨️ to this post, we will donate $1 to Cancer Care MB (Use appropriate tags for Cancer Care’s social media), up to a maximum of $1000 across all our social media platforms. It’s that simple. 1000 comments = … Continue reading The #BSICareToReply Challenge
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