Your support of cancer prevention and screening will change lives.

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Thanks to the generosity of people just like you, Manitobans have access to a variety of cancer screening and educational programs critical to early detection and important to the successful treatment of many cancers.

These educational campaigns have helped many Manitobans become more aware of the ease and importance of self-screening. Lorraine is one of those Manitobans and she hopes by sharing her personal story you will be inspired to consider a gift today to ensure prevention and screening initiatives remain available to Manitobans across our province.

On her 50th birthday Lorraine made an agreement with her best friend that they would do breast self-checks
every full moon – 13 times per year on top of the recommended mammogram every two years. It was this commitment to her friend and to her own health that led Lorraine to notice something wasn’t right.

During one of Lorraine’s regular ‘full moon’ checks in the fall of 2021 she noticed a lump. It was a discovery that would save her life.

“When I found the lump, I just knew. Because I had been checking regularly I noticed the difference immediately. If I hadn’t stayed committed to regular checks, I might not have noticed it.”


As a result of this regular self-examination Lorraine was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Over the next year Lorraine underwent an extensive treatment plan that took a toll on her physical and mental health: 20 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and three weeks of radiation therapy.

Over the course of this challenging year Lorraine developed a personal connection with her CancerCare Manitoba team as they guided her through her treatments. “Going there for my appointments, I felt so cared for and never alone. After my treatments stopped, I found it hard because I was so used to going there every day.”

Lorraine is now cancer free and while she is extremely grateful, she has had some difficulty trying to process the fact that one day she had cancer – and the next day she didn’t. Thanks to donors, Manitobans like Lorraine can access support programs to help them move forward after their cancer.

It was through CancerCare Manitoba’s donor-funded patient and family resources team that Lorraine was put in touch with an Indigenous elder, something she is extremely thankful for. Lorraine was able to reconnect to her inner self, continue building meaningful connections with the Indigenous community, rekindle her purpose in life and heal both mentally and physically.

The fear of her cancer returning is very real.

Triple negative cancers have a high chance of recurrence, though it is something Lorraine tries hard not to focus on. Instead, today she is focused on living well and appreciating everything she has in life.

“Cancer has changed my outlook on life. You have to live in the moment. Staying positive is so important to healing, recovery and moving forward after cancer.”

Lorraine’s story demonstrates how screening initiatives, including self-screening, are vital when it comes early-detection and ultimately saving the lives of Manitobans.

Support cancer screening and prevention initiatives today.

Your generosity will help others potentially detect their cancers early, giving them the best chance at successful treatment.