You make the difference.

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Donors are integral to CancerCare Manitoba being able to undertake leading-edge local research which helps save lives. By investing in this research, you too can support some of the best and brightest scientists and clinicians as they seek to find answers to complex cancer questions.

This important support of local research has helped CancerCare make incredible progress against this formidable disease, resulting in positive outcomes for Manitobans affected by cancer.

In the twelve years I have been president & CEO of the Foundation, I have been impressed by the unwavering support of donors when CancerCare truly needs it the most. This is indeed one of those times when the need is great. Would you consider supporting CancerCare now?

Equal to my respect for our donor community is my admiration for the wisdom and commitment of CancerCare’s team. They truly leave no stone unturned, and when presented with a new opportunity or challenge they rise to the occasion. This has perhaps never been more evident than during these past several months.

Life as we know it, for all of us including people living with cancer, has been rocked to its core. Changes and uncertainty came at us swiftly. So many questions yet few concrete answers. Anxiety high as our focus shifted on a dime to protecting ourselves and the people we care about from the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Cancer patients are one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to COVID-19 because treatments reduce their body’s ability to fight off infections. Can you imagine how their stress heightened because of the pandemic? They now faced a new and foreign foe.

CancerCare’s priority – do whatever was necessary to protect all patients from the virus – required them to implement sweeping new measures. Dr. Kathleen Decker, a CancerCare scientist, explained to me the need for a research project which assesses the impact of the coronavirus.

“Interventions aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 will have important consequences for our cancer control system,” said Dr. Decker. “The project will provide information to doctors, decision makers, and patients to ensure the highest standard of care during and after the pandemic.

We are pleased and proud to partner with Research Manitoba and equally share in funding this $244,000 research initiative. We can’t do it without your help though. Your generosity is integral to CancerCare’s team completing this study and applying their learnings to help patients.

Patients like Lisa Babey who has lived with metastatic breast cancer for nearly thirteen years. All this time Lisa has been coming to CancerCare Manitoba regularly for appointments with her medical oncologist and attending chemotherapy treatments.

Her cancer didn’t take a “break” these past months. Her treatment had to continue despite the pandemic. But her care was different. She has had four virtual appointments with her oncologist, a person she is deeply connected to after all these years.

“I have not seen my oncologist face-to-face since COVID-19 started and that’s very hard,” Lisa reflects.

She has continued to come in every three weeks for intravenous chemotherapy and the experience is vastly different than it was mere months ago.

“When I come for treatment, I can feel the nurses’ care only in the kindness of their eyes. Covered in personal protective equipment, we can’t exchange a smile or reassuring glance,” says Lisa. “Safety measures come with the cost of missing out on compassionate interactions which mean so much.”

Your gift today will help to ensure the research team answers key questions as it moves forward during the pandemic and when it’s one day behind us.

“With the help of donors we will evaluate the impact of COVID-19 related changes on cancer incidence, patterns of cancer care, time to first treatment, stage at diagnosis, and survival,” says Dr. Decker. “We will also describe the experience of individuals receiving treatment and determine what is helpful and unhelpful as it relates to virtual cancer care.”

Lisa is very pleased CancerCare is doing this vital research and appreciates your investment is what will make it possible.

“I am encouraged by the study and hope the results can be gleaned quickly and applied to make the patient experience better,” comments Lisa. “Your support is so important.”

I echo Lisa’s sentiment.  Time and time again donors have been there for CancerCare and its patients. If you are able to offer it now, your help will make a tremendous differenceMy appreciation as always for your continued belief in this incredibly important cause.

Warm regards,

Patti Smith

President & CEO, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation

Champions of Discovery – our monthly donors – directly support local research at CancerCare Manitoba. I hope you will consider joining this special group and help fund this and other valuable research initiatives.