You make progress possible

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YOU make progress possible

The support we receive from our donors is special and integral to changing and improving the lives of our province’s cancer patients. This was one of my first learnings after joining the Foundation ten years ago. The transition to non-profit was eye-opening and because of you, our donors, it has been very rewarding and truly incredible. Cancer is a complex set of more than 200 diseases. With such a staggering number, you may wonder… does my personal contribution really make a difference? Please know, the answer is a resounding yes! On average our donors have generously enabled the Foundation to grant $6.5 million annually to support CancerCare Manitoba’s strategic priorities. And each year we start fundraising at zero. So each and every gift received from you – no matter the amount – helps fulfill this incredibly important commitment. A commitment to fund leading-edge research, an enhanced patient experience and adult and pediatric clinical trials which provide “tomorrow’s treatments today.” A commitment which is only possible because of your continued generosity. This year your support is funding the best and brightest researchers studying different cancers, including the four most commonly diagnosed – prostate, breast, lung and colorectal. These clinician researchers and scientists choose to come to and stay at CancerCare Manitoba because of the depth and strength of its research program. These individualsare passionate about finding new cures and providing more tomorrows for the nearly 20 new patients diagnosed every day. And each of them is very aware donors are the backbone of cancer research in our province. Every dollar you invest stays in Manitoba, funding local research which leads to more of the people we all know and love surviving their diagnosis. To each and every one of you, our donors, thank you for allowing me the privilege of getting to know you this past decade. My heart is full when I reflect on your generosity, kindness and reasons for giving. We know you have many options for your giving and we are so fortunate and grateful you choose us. You are truly amazing. Annitta Stenning President & CEO CancerCare Manitoba Foundation