Thanks to your generosity, patients can get a reprieve from the mental and physical burden of cancer through CancerCare Manitoba’s Yoga and Cancer program.

From initial diagnosis through treatment, a person’s body and mind are pushed, stressed and tested to their limits. After undergoing life-saving surgery and treatment for breast cancer, Anastasia Meseman was emotionally and physically drained. Yoga and Cancer was invaluable to her recovery.

“The program helped my body to relax from its ordeal and my mind to start to calm from all the turmoil I had been through,” explained Anastasia.

Funded by donors, the Yoga and Cancer program is offered by CancerCare Manitoba’s Patient and Family Support Services team in partnership with local studio, Yoga North.

This program is designed to offer cancer patients an opportunity to learn how to practice restorative or supportive yoga either during or after treatment. Participants are taught gentle stretching, relaxation and breathing. Patients with any type of cancer can participate in one program held over eight weeks. Each year, sessions are offered in the fall, winter and spring.

Your support of this vital program truly helps a diverse group of people. Like Anastasia, Stuart Munn benefitted immensely from Yoga and Cancer. Diagnosed with lymphoma last spring, he registered himself for the program after six months of chemotherapy.

“I decided to give it a try to see if it would help. It turned out to be one of the best things I could have done,” he explained. “It meant a lot to be taking the classes with other people who have cancer and understand what it’s like to live with this disease.”

Your generosity helped Anastasia live her life in a way she was used to and also to live well after cancer.

“The class was an accessible way for me to resume doing something I loved from my pre-cancer life,” expressed Anastasia. “I decided to continue to attend similar classes on my own once the program was completed so I could continue reaping the benefits.”

Yoga and Cancer is offered at no cost to cancer patients and would not be possible without your continued support. Your generosity enables individuals to continue exploring how to live well through and after their diagnosis.

To receive more information about this program, please call 204-787-2109.