Shine a Light Stories 2022

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I am forever grateful for the care I received after being diagnosed with a large cancerous tumour in my stomach. On October 7th, 2016, I received my PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter line) and the first of six chemotherapy treatments. Every staff member treated me with kindness and compassion. Thank you for all the help to regain my health.

– Janet C.


My light is shining for my son, Donny Bresch, who passed away from metastatic liver cancer on August 14, 2022 at the age of 45. Donny was a childhood cancer survivor (ALL) who was diagnosed at the age of 5. He fought courageously through 2 relapses, five straight years of chemotherapy and a full month of radiation to his head and spine. His oncologist believed his beating ALL was miraculous considering those 2 relapses. All was well until 13 years ago when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer followed by several basal cell carcinomas on his head. In the summer of 2021, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and put up a great battle through chemo treatments and surgery. He was just feeling well enough to return to work this August when he was diagnosed with the liver cancer. He lasted 2 very hard-fought weeks. He leaves behind his wife and two beautiful children. My son never surrendered. His children became his light and reason for fighting so hard. He is very much loved and missed.

– Joni B.


I just purchased a Shine a Light in memory of my brother Dr. Garry Schroeder. He worked as a Radiologist Oncologist at Cancer Care Manitoba. He has been missed by our family. My 98-year-old mother was talking again today about how much she missed him.

– Carolyn M.


Sharon Pollack was a CancerCare Manitoba volunteer, the first coordinator of its Caring Room, a frequent media source about its programming and a Guardian Angel Award of Distinction honouree. And throughout that time, she received the best of care from its doctors and nurses and staff. So, it’s right for her light to shine in their workplace window.

– Rocky P.


I donated to Shine a Light in memory of mother, Sheila Gunderson. She passed away almost 5 years ago in November of 2017. Even though she drove me crazy at times, I still miss her dearly. She was a woman of strong faith who could really cook and was an amazing baker!

– Bruce G.


Deborah was the light in my life for 45+ years of marriage. She was a loving Mother, Wife and Educator revered by everyone she came in contact with. Born: July 25, 1953. Died: April 10, 2019. In very loving memory!

– John, Chesney, Kellen and Lesya Blower


I have donated on behalf of my late wife who sadly lost her battle with cervical cancer in 2019. She was a loving wife, friend, colleague and person to everyone around her. She started a campaign to collect socks, gloves, toques and any other winter gear for Shalom Mission to help people in need during the winter months. She enlisted the wives of the Winnipeg Jets one year to help her collect and they did a great job getting donations of clothes for that cause. Laura was a giving person no matter who was in need, she is sorely missed by family and friends every year during the Christmas holiday. CancerCare Manitoba was there for her day or night no matter what the need was, and the level of care she received from doctors, techs, nurses and all support staff up until the end was unparalleled. I want to thank all the doctors on her team, headed by Dr.Altman. The treatment I received from them being involved in all aspects and explaining everything in detail to me during treatment got me through one of the toughest times in my life. Keep up the good work you all do.

– Mike K.


I donated to this special event in memory of my mother, Shirley Nixon who passed from lung cancer.

– Kathy B


Our light is shining for Jolene. She is a 37-year-old cancer survivor, still fighting with everything in her. Jolene is a proud Indigenous woman with sons age 8 & 15. Jolene was told she had metastatic cancer 2 years ago. It is she we honor with a light.

– Croy J.


My mother Margaret just passed away on Thanksgiving (October 10, 2022) She was 84. Mom was fist diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 41. She had a radical mastectomy; we were blessed with 38 years before the cancer showed up in the other breast. This time at her age mom opted for a lumpectomy and received radiation. She was able to see her second granddaughter get married and had the opportunity to meet her two great grandsons in the last couple of years. Margaret Desrocher was a breast cancer survivor! Unfortunately, she was also diagnosed with melanoma in the last 5 years. My mom is my hero, everything she went through because she loved her family, being with us and doing things together. I will miss her always and forever. I want to thank Dr. Rivard and many others at CancerCare for what you do everyday! I also would like to thank the volunteers that drive cancer patients to and from their treatments ❤️ this was very helpful to us. Shining a Light for my mother Margaret is so appreciated as she was such a light in our lives.

– Patricia D.


We donated to Shine a Light in memory of our dad/didu…. we miss you each and everyday ♥️

– Ben H.


I have made the donation in memory of my beloved husband Chris Dant. Chris lost his battle with Prostate Cancer in January of 2021 after 6 years. He never gave up hope and always put everyone at ease when discussing what he was going through. The staff at CancerCare were so supportive especially Dr. Joel Gingerich and Cheryl. Chris worked for True North Sport and Entertainment and the Winnipeg Goldeyes. Everyone who knew him learned very quickly that he had an extensive knowledge base when it came to sports. He was avid golfer. He had a great love for music and was an amazing guitarist. I can’t begin to describe how much he is missed by not only myself, Thomas, Stacy, Ermina Rusty (our dog), his brother Rob, sister Shanlee, brother-in-law Robert and niece Sharilyn and the rest of the family, but all his friends and everyone’s else life he touched.

– Karen S.


Having worked at CancerCare Manitoba for more than 30 years, in various clinic areas (adult and pediatric oncology clinics, radiation oncology clinics, and Chemotherapy Treatment Room to name a few), I have been fortunate to have encountered so many wonderful patients, some still with us, and some who have passed on. Some were also my colleagues. All continue to inspire me. I have witnessed the monumental, and truly innovative research that has been carried out here in CancerCare Manitoba, both by researchers and clinicians who have since retired, and by those still working here today. For all of these reasons, I am “shining my light” with my donation.

– Michelle P.


I am Shining a Light in memory of my mom, Myrna who passed away with cancer. Her kindness, laughter and love for people were a bright light to everyone around her.

– Lorena G.


I have given a $100.00 donation to Shine a Light at CancerCare in memory of my mom, Dorothy Slidders. My mom absolutely loved Christmas lights. She lived until 102 years old and was still sharp as a tack. In the end it was her Breast Cancer that took her life. I hope somehow she knows that one of your lights is for her.

– Judy H.


I have made a donation in memory of my mother-in-law, Jacqueline Singer. She died of lung cancer in 1989. So long ago, but she is still missed. She was Executive Assistant to Dr Lionel Israels for many years, so was well familiar with the Manitoba Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation, as it was then known. She was a wonderful caring person, and her lovely, caring granddaughter, my daughter, is named after her – Jackie. She continues on through the best in us.

– Marilyn M.


We are shining our light for dad who passed away 2 years ago. Still miss him dearly. We also want to express our thanks to CancerCare Manitoba for providing the care and support.

– Bea F.


Our mom has survived cancer twice. She is 97 years old. I also have cancer.

– Kay F.


Five years ago on December 6th, I began my radiation treatments for breast cancer. I made my daily trip to CancerCare for my radiation treatments for 4 weeks. From my 1st visit to my last visit I was treated with kindness and compassion. I will never forget the people from CancerCare with helping me through this difficult journey. It’s been five years, and I thank these people every day.

– Marge L.


I am shining a light in memory of my amazing grandson Colby Macdonald. Colby was diagnosed with Medulla Blastoma in April 2013 and lost his battle to this horrible disease on November 26th, 2015 at the age of 8 years old. Colby was a loving, caring, funny and mischievous little man who lit up our life. He left an impression on everyone he met, children and adults alike. Even during his battle he was a warrior who still laughed, entertained us with his antics and never failed to lighten our days with his beautiful smile. We miss him every day and his memory will never fade.

– Karen M.


I’m shining a light for my sister, Linda Carol Nelson.

– Alison B.


I would like to thank all the doctors & nurses and everyone involved with the care of my husband Tom Curtis. He spent 22 months at CancerCare before losing his battle. Tom had a very difficult battle with cancer and anytime he had a question or a concern CancerCare was there for him. He trusted all his doctors & nurses over at CancerCare. Thank You so much for all the excellent care Tom received during his journey with Cancer.

– Margaret C.


My donation to Shine A Light at CancerCare is for my husband Gordon Demers, with much gratitude for the caring staff & wonderful care he received during his Prostate Cancer treatments in 2020. Light always brings us joy. I hope that anyone touched by cancer can find some joy in seeing these lovely lights that are shining for them as well.

– Linda D.


Our light is shining in honour of my uncle, Ray Schroeder who lost his battle with oropharyngeal cancer 20 years ago on November 8, 2002 at 51 years young. He was a light in our family, and received excellent care by my colleagues at CancerCare Manitoba. I now work as a radiation oncology resident doctor at CCMB, and try to offer my patients the same compassionate care my uncle was fortunate to receive here.

– Dr. Megan McDonald and the Schroeder Family


My wife Segunda was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2022. She underwent surgery at Health Science Hospital and later received radiation treatment. We feel so blessed by all the staff and doctors for their care and support.

– Terry C.


My light is shining for my late husband David, who died 31 years ago. He died 5 days after his 40th birthday. He was originally diagnosed with esophageal cancer and then liver cancer. He fought very valiantly and never complained or felt sorry for himself. David was an amazing patient while going through chemo and radiation, smiling and laughing even when the going got tough. He was loved by many and still greatly missed. ❤️

– Donna KS.


We are Shining a Light in memory of our mother Norah Bailey. She received wonderful care at CancerCare Manitoba during her journey with ovarian cancer. She was a shining light in our family and we still feel her presence. She cared deeply about others and would be happy to know we are honouring her while helping others. We love and miss you Mum!

– Esme B.


I Shine a Light in memory of my wife Sylvia. She passed away this year of mesothelioma cancer. My heartfelt thank you to all of her CancerCare doctors, nurses and other staff for their kindness in their treatment of Sylvia. Also, thanks to the palliative care nurses for helping me look after my wife. I and my family miss her every day. Thoughts and prayers for all cancer patients.

– Gord D.

We lost a husband, Dad and Poppa on August 9, 2021. We shine our light in memory of Russ Killbery, for the ‘light of our lives’ who made Christmas incredible. He loved shopping and always found those perfect gifts. Our traditions are what he created, listening to Lee Greenwood Christmas music, driving through the city to see the lights, family gatherings, dinner with all his favourites and bringing joy to all around him. His eyes would twinkle and he’d say this is what it’s all about: the happiness that only a room full of children, laughter and love could bring. Miss you always and love you forever.

– Marie, Meghan, Jared, Garth, Becky, Kieran, Kellan, Makenna, Dekker, Freya, Zaylee and Zennyk


My family is shining a light in memory of Ed Parkin. We know Ed isn’t suffering now, that’s what gives us strength to carry on. We all miss you Ed very much.

– BettyAnn K.

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