Shine a Light presented by the Manness Family in Memory of Linda Manness

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We are grateful to have Shine a Light presented by the Manness Family in Memory of Linda Manness. Learn more about Linda and why the Manness family wanted to be involved in Shine a Light below.

“We (the Manness Family) have been looking for a meaningful way of supporting the critical work of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation while at the same time honouring Linda’s life and her courageous battle against cancer,” said Linda’s husband, Garth.

“Shine a Light provides so many meaningful connections to Linda, what she valued, and what she stood for. Light represents life, hope, guidance and truth. Linda’s life represented these characteristics.”

Linda was an active member of her community and had a deep and abiding faith in God which she enjoyed sharing with others. This faith and trust helped Linda through a number of life’s trials especially fighting cancer. She was a devoted daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother who deeply loved her family and was deeply loved in return. She dedicated her life to the well-being of her family. She had a wonderful sense of humour, a beautiful smile, and a contagious laugh. She enjoyed life! The symbolism of shining a light to help Manitobans with cancer really resonates with the Manness Family and reminds them of Linda’s amazing spirit.

“Light means life, hope and truth. Only light can drive out darkness,”said Garth.

“Cancer brings darkness into many families life. It did for us. The Shine a Light program provides a tangible opportunity to provide a tribute to those affected by cancer while at the same time committing to find solutions to the disease. To me, investing in lights is investing in hope while remembering those we love and honouring their lives.”