Research Profiles

Your support of local research is key to achieving our shared bold vision of a world free of cancer. Generous donor gifts enable discoveries to happen at CancerCare Manitoba. Please read on to find out more about some of the amazing work which is only possible because of your investment.

Dr. Versha Banerji

Five years ago we introduced you to Dr. Versha Banerji, who had just returned home to Winnipeg after four years of research and training at Harvard along with her husband Dr. Shantanu Banerji. The couple, who met in medical school and married, specialized in hematology and medical oncology specialties respectively. Their time at Harvard was sponsored by CancerCare Manitoba and fully supported by donors. Their plan post-Harvard – return to … Continue reading Dr. Versha Banerji

Dr. Shantanu Banerji

The root of the progress made in this province lies in test tubes and trials, questions that lead to ‘what-if’s’ and ‘a-ha’ moments when the imagining of what could be emerges as reality. The future of cancer care lies in the kind of advances that can only be made through research and clinical trials. CancerCare Manitoba Foundation supports the quest to recruit the best and brightest doctors and researchers in … Continue reading Dr. Shantanu Banerji

Dr. Kirk McManus

Some of the world’s best and brightest cancer researchers are working right here in Manitoba. Many of these researchers are graduate students. At CancerCare Manitoba’s Research Institute in Oncology and Hematology (RIOH), grad students are making important discoveries that will lead to new advances in the treatment of colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in North America. Dr. Kirk McManus, Associate Professor and Senior … Continue reading Dr. Kirk McManus