PROFYLE: Giving Young People Hope

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What is PROFYLE and why is it so important?

PROFYLE (PRecision Oncology For Young peopLE) is the starting point for the future of cancer treatment. This Canada wide initiative is aimed at providing personalized care for young people up to the age of 29 who are facing a hard-to-treat cancer diagnosis.

Where traditional research has often focused on large groups of patients, PROFYLE focuses on individual cases to determine the best course of action for those who haven’t had a positive outcome with conventional cancer treatment options. For the 20 per cent of young people with the hardest to treat cancers, PROFYLE offers a new chance to overcome their diagnosis and hope for a day where they will be cancer-free.

How has PROFYLE shaped outcomes for young people with the hardest to treat cancers?

PROFYLE is the start to finding hope for these young people who otherwise do not yet have an effective treatment option available to them. By gathering a better understanding of the unique aspects of these difficult cancers young people are facing, doctors and researchers can think differently about potential therapies that could improve their chance of successfully treating, and curing, these patients.

Forty years ago, treatment of childhood cancers seemed like a huge mountain to climb and researchers had to think outside the box. Treatment options now have significantly improved for many young people with cancer and 80 per cent of them will be cured. However, the remaining 20 per cent of young people are still in need of new and innovative options which PROFYLE has the potential to offer.

Researchers and doctors are ready to keep climbing the mountain until we reach a day where no young person loses their life to cancer. The knowledge gained through PROFYLE will help provide a framework for continued revision and expansion of treatment options for many years to come.

How does my support of the Foundation help patients on PROFYLE?

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation has committed to raising $1 million over five years in support of CancerCare Manitoba’s participation in PROFYLE. Your support helps us to reach this goal and provide hope to these young people and their loved ones.