Power of Community

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This past July Manitobans of all ages took a stand against cancer!

They embraced the inaugural Lemonade Stands for Hope weekend and their passion to change the lives of people affected by cancer was inspiring.

The patients who benefitted from their energy and enthusiasm are very grateful.

Among the hundreds who participated were kids like Zoé, Alex and their mother Jennifer.

“Zoé wanted to do a lemonade stand because she has a big heart and always wants to help others,” explained Jennifer. “My husband and I have lost grandparents to cancer, but not Zoé. She only hears about it and feels for those affected.”

Lemonade Stands for Hope was a “fundraiser in a kit.”

Participants were provided with the supplies to host a fun and successful lemonade stand fundraiser. They just needed to add creativity and customers!

“A lemonade stand was a way for my kids to volunteer. They are too young to have jobs, yet old enough to get involved in their community. This initiative was an easy way for Zoé and Alex to make a difference.”

We were so fortunate to have many businesses and community organizations partner with us for this first-year event. Thanks to McMunn & Yates’ participation, Lemonade Stands for Hope’s reach extended across our province.

Thank you to each and every stand organizer for your tremendous efforts. We are eagerly planning for the 2020 edition of Lemonade Stands for Hope. We can’t wait to have you back and grow so together we can help more people with cancer.