The possibilities of your passion

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Thank you to the hundreds of incredible Manitobans who reimagined community fundraising this past year.

You tapped your creativity and enthusiasm and made a tremendous difference for people affected by cancer. They are so grateful to you.

One of these change-makers is Winnipeg Opera singer Paul Ong. Paul couldn’t hold his annual charity concert in 2020. Instead he created an online concert series, Music Series For A Cause.

Using YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, Paul shares his songs and encourages viewers from Manitoba and beyond to support his fundraising efforts from the comfort of their own homes.

“It has truly been a year to remember. The adversity we’ve faced has allowed for creativity to do things differently,” Paul says. “Cancer has touched so many, my family included, and I am very happy to use my gift and music as a platform to support change.”

Thank you to each one of you who reimagined your community events. The funds you’ve raised are supporting groundbreaking research and improved cancer treatment right here in Manitoba.


Do you want to change lives and give HOPE to Manitobans with cancer? Our community events team is here to help you every step of the way! We can’t wait to talk to you. For more information please visit or call 204-784-2777.