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Everything known about how to cure children with cancer has been learned from decades of research. Donor supported pediatric clinical research at CancerCare Manitoba provides access to state-of-the-art treatment for children with cancer. Children like Alyvia.

At the tender age of two, Alyvia was diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable brain tumour after her parents noticed a regression in her gross motor skills.

Over a period of just a couple of months, Alyvia went from being a very active toddler to being unsteady and holding onto walls as she walked. They knew something wasn’t right with their little girl.

What followed was a four-month hospital stay that included multiple surgeries to attempt to relieve the pressure on her brain followed by six weeks of chemotherapy to try and shrink her tumour. Alyvia’s parents learned the devasting news that the chemotherapy she was enduring wasn’t working and that they were quickly running out of time.

Donor investments in research gave Alyvia access to a life-saving clinical trial.

Alyvia’s oncology team at CancerCare Manitoba secured a new targeted therapy treatment for her through a clinical trial available for pediatric patients with her particular type of cancer that was currently in the clinical trial stages. She was able to begin treatment at a critical time in her cancer journey. After only a week of receiving treatment, Alyvia had improved so significantly that she was able to be released from the hospital.

While at home, Alyvia continued with her treatment and made significant progress. As her tumour began to shrink, she had to relearn many of the things she knew how to do before her diagnosis such as eating and learning to walk again. Through ongoing physical and occupational therapy, hard work and a lot of determination, Alyvia is flourishing today.

Now five years old, she continues with daily treatment and her tumour has almost vanished thanks to your generous support. She’s taking hip-hop dance classes and loves running around outside with her friends. Her parents lovingly describe her as an entertainer who loves telling jokes and being the center of attention.

“We never would have believed this was possible.”

While she is too young to understand the impact your donations have had, her parents are forever grateful for the opportunity they’ve been given to access life-saving treatments for their daughter.

Thanks solely to the support of donors like you and her CancerCare Manitoba oncology team, pediatric
clinical trials are making a difference for Alyvia and other Manitoban children affected by cancer.