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The past year has demonstrated just how unpredictable life can be. Through all the changes and adversity, what has remained constant is your commitment to helping people affected by cancer.

People like Danica Marincil who has benefitted tremendously from your kindness and generosity. Danica knows the cruel reality of a cancer diagnosis and the uncertainty it brings all too well. Her world was turned upside down last March when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Just 27 at the time, she was living life to its fullest. Working in a great job she loved, married for three years to her adoring husband and hoping to start the family she’d always dreamed of.

An active person who considered herself very healthy, Danica’s body began to gradually fail her. She was tired, had little appetite and was losing weight. Initially diagnosed with low iron, Danica took supplements for months to boost it. But despite this, she was feeling worse and more symptoms were developing.

“I put my hand in my turtleneck and I felt a lump on the left-hand side of my collarbone,” remembers Danica. “An x-ray showed a 10 cm tumour across my chest which caused my lung to collapse. The doctor told me the unthinkable … I had cancer.”

Danica would start treatment immediately at CancerCare Manitoba and require six rounds of chemotherapy over six months. A wise young woman, she appreciates your support of research helped cure her.

“The science behind my treatment … it wouldn’t have been possible without your donations,” says Danica.

As if cancer itself wasn’t a terrifying reality for this young woman, Danica endured it during the early months of the pandemic. Cocooning herself to stay safe was a must, but so incredibly hard.

“All I remember my oncologist telling me is I had to go home and isolate,” says Danica. “I went from freely doing what I wanted to not
leaving the house. I desperately needed family and friends to give me a hug and tell me I’d be ok. But they couldn’t because of COVID, and it was heartbreaking.”

Danica’s treatment knocked her down, beating at her young body in ways she couldn’t have imagined. And the effect on her psyche was profound. She thought about her own mortality and the scary “what-ifs” that might lie ahead. Fortunately, Danica was able to access counselling to help navigate her thoughts and feelings. She is so thankful your donations help fund CancerCare’s adolescent and young adult psychosocial program.

Amazingly, Danica is now in remission. She is grateful for her recovery and to you for your investment in cancer care in our province. Your support has given her the most precious gifts – her health and a bright future.

Danica is fully embracing her second chance at life, taking nothing for granted. She is rebuilding herself in the wake of her cancer experience and focused on her biggest dream, starting a family with her husband. She is thankful for your compassion and kindness when she needed it the most.

“Every donation you make helps people like me. Truly, thank you isn’t enough to express my appreciation.” – Danica