Patient Stories

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Your donations positively impact people in your community every day. They could be your neighbours, friends and even your family members. We encourage you to read the stories of patients from right here in our province who have benefitted from the generosity of donors.

Cain’s Story

Cain, a creative, nine-year-old has been approaching his bone cancer diagnosis with strength and courage. “Will I need surgery?”, “What are my chances of survival?” and “Will I lose my leg?” are just some of the hard questions Cain asked his doctor on the day of his cancer diagnosis.

You are making new treatments available to Manitobans

Thanks to donors like you, Shelley Schultz is living her life to the fullest eight years after hearing she had just six months to live. It was in the fall of 2014 that the Schultz family’s world was turned upside down. Shelley was experiencing what she thought was a migraine. This was not unusual for her as she had suffered from them for years. But this time it was persistent and her family was concerned.

Your support leads to healing

Tammy wakes up every morning feeling incredibly grateful. As a breast cancer survivor, she understands the fear of dying and the terrifying possibility of not getting to spend all the time she had hoped and dreamed of with her loved ones. Today, thanks to donor investment in cancer care, she is cancer free and leading a beautiful and full life.

Your Generosity will Help Manitobans Like Larry Find Their Perfect Match

“As Dr. Houston compassionately painted the picture of my cancer and proposed treatment I started to cry,” said Larry. “It was overwhelming to learn I had blood cancer.” Thanks to your ongoing support, doctors at CancerCare Manitoba are engaged in research to develop advancements in care for blood cancers like Larry’s.

Your Support Provides New Treatments for Manitoba’s Youngest Patients with Cancer

Everything known about how to cure children with cancer has been learned from decades of research. Donor supported pediatric clinical research at CancerCare Manitoba provides access to state-of-the-art treatment for children with cancer. Children like Alyvia.