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Patient Stories

Your donations positively impact people in your community every day. They could be your neighbours, friends and even your family members. We encourage you to read the stories of patients from right here in our province who have benefitted from the generosity of donors.

Thanks to your generosity, patients can get a reprieve from the mental and physical burden of cancer through CancerCare Manitoba’s Yoga and Cancer program. From initial diagnosis through treatment, a person’s body and mind are pushed, stressed and tested to their limits. After undergoing life-saving surgery and treatment for breast cancer, Anastasia Meseman was emotionally and physically drained. Yoga and Cancer was invaluable to her recovery. “The program helped my … Continue reading

Three years ago we introduced you to precious Maia. Just four at the time, Maia stole our hearts with her warm smile and tender personality. Behind her smile though was a very sick little girl living with cancer. She needed help to get well and you came through for her in spades. Maia was unwell for a couple of months in early 2017, suffering from fevers, body aches and extreme … Continue reading

“You have Stage IV Hodgkin Lymphoma and must immediately begin treatment,” is a statement 29-year-old Angel Ronquillo never, ever thought she’d hear. Last spring Angel – a passionate teacher – was busy planning for her future when she received this life-altering news. Angel was immediately faced with a new reality she needed help navigating. Your support has been integral to Angel and others diagnosed with cancer. Your generosity funds CancerCare … Continue reading

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming for patients and their loved ones. They often experience a wide range of emotions and have many questions about what lies ahead for them. Fortunately because of your support, there is a comforting place at CancerCare Manitoba which has the resources and answers they are often seeking. Your investment funds the Patient and Family Resource Centre (PFRC), a sanctuary of sorts for the nearly … Continue reading

Your investment in Manitoba’s world-class tumour bank will help patients like Frances.

As I’m sure you can imagine, having your fear of cancer confirmed can be life-altering. It was an awful blow for Frances Reibin, 64, mother and grandmother of eight when she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer this past winter. Unfortunately Frances’ family has a history of colorectal cancer. This put her on the list to receive home screening tests from CancerCare Manitoba. The results of Frances’ test triggered the need … Continue reading Your investment in Manitoba’s world-class tumour bank will help patients like Frances.

Your help today will help Matt & Madison continue their love story tomorrow.

My name is Matt and together with my wife Madison I am living with a cancer diagnosis which might not be curable. I am only 30 years old and I have stage IV malignant melanoma.And I am scared. Yet I am optimistic too. I am scared I may not have many more tomorrows with my loved ones. I am optimistic there may be a cure for cancer one day through … Continue reading Your help today will help Matt & Madison continue their love story tomorrow.

Brody’s Story

Our names are Rick and Melanie and our eight-year-old son Brody has brain cancer. Watching our child deteriorate in front of our eyes has been incredibly difficult and something we hope you will never have to experience personally. We want to share his challenging story with you in the hope it will inspire you to support the important research happening at CancerCare Manitoba. Brody’s loss of coordination was an early … Continue reading Brody’s Story

Maia’s Story

Our names are Alicia & Rob and our four-year-old daughter Maia has cancer. We would like to share with you our personal story. There is a saying, “you aren’t a cancer parent until you are.” You never think it’s going to happen to you and then suddenly it does. Can you imagine what it’s like learning your child has cancer? Earlier this year the unimaginable became our family’s reality. Receiving … Continue reading Maia’s Story

Sean’s Story

My name is Sean Sheridan. I’m 31 years old and I live with cancer. Have you ever wondered what it’s like for someone diagnosed with cancer in the prime of life? I found out I had colorectal cancer in November 2012. I was 26. At the time, I was a typical guy in my twenties, working in the oil-field industry and traveling a lot. I worked hard and didn’t think … Continue reading Sean’s Story

Bryce’s Story

Our son Bryce is an active, caring and compassionate child who’s always thinking of other people. He’s played hockey and soccer—Bryce really likes soccer—and he loves our farm animals. We have dogs, kittens, horses and chickens. Bryce also collects seashells from Winnipeg Beach and from Mexico, brought home by his grandparents. He loves living on our acreage near Lake Winnipeg, where he enjoys the beaches and tubing in summer. Bryce … Continue reading Bryce’s Story