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Patient Stories

Your donations positively impact people in your community every day. They could be your neighbours, friends and even your family members. We encourage you to read the stories of patients from right here in our province who have benefitted from the generosity of donors.

Your investment funds local discoveries

Your generosity has enabled tremendous progress treating breast cancer, one of the most diagnosed cancers affecting hundreds of women in our province each year. You have truly helped save lives. What if more women could be spared from ever having to face a daunting breast cancer diagnosis? This is a key question cancer researchers and clinicians are asking. Thanks to your support, CancerCare Manitoba is helping lead research which seeks … Continue reading Your investment funds local discoveries

Hargun’s Story

Nothing can prepare you for your child to ask: “Mommy, am I going to die?”   Our names are Shelly & Suresh and on behalf of our daughter Hargun, we’d like to thank you for making the time to read her story. She is just seven years old and has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We never imagined this would happen to our little girl. Hargun loved to dance, goof around, and … Continue reading Hargun’s Story

Donors helped and inspired Lawrence

Lawrence Richter represents “paying it forward” at its finest. He has responded to your kindness – supporting people with cancer – by becoming a donor himself. Lawrence has learned in the most meaningful way how your generosity has changed his life. He is so grateful and it’s inspired him to help others. A few years ago, Lawrence told his doctor he was possibly at risk for pancreatic cancer due to … Continue reading Donors helped and inspired Lawrence

Your generosity gave Tenley more tomorrows

Four years ago Tenley’s family generously shared their story with you, our incredible donors. Only five at the time, she had a maturity beyond her years. The second oldest of four young daughters, Tenley’s calm demeanor defied her health situation. She was very sick, and your support helped her get through it. In January 2016 the floor fell out from beneath Tenley’s family when she was diagnosed with childhood leukemia. … Continue reading Your generosity gave Tenley more tomorrows

Thanks to your generosity, patients can get a reprieve from the mental and physical burden of cancer through CancerCare Manitoba’s Yoga and Cancer program. From initial diagnosis through treatment, a person’s body and mind are pushed, stressed and tested to their limits. After undergoing life-saving surgery and treatment for breast cancer, Anastasia Meseman was emotionally and physically drained. Yoga and Cancer was invaluable to her recovery. “The program helped my … Continue reading

Three years ago we introduced you to precious Maia. Just four at the time, Maia stole our hearts with her warm smile and tender personality. Behind her smile though was a very sick little girl living with cancer. She needed help to get well and you came through for her in spades. Maia was unwell for a couple of months in early 2017, suffering from fevers, body aches and extreme … Continue reading

Your gift gives hope to Mandy & Mike. Hope for a cure one day for Drea’s complex cancer.

Our names are Mike and Mandy and our six-year-old daughter Drea has brain cancer. Our world changed instantly earlier this year when we received the devastating news of Drea’s cancer. We wondered … was our youngest child going to live? In the months since her life-altering diagnosis, we have come to appreciate how the generosity of donors is giving Drea and our family of five more time together. Our fear … Continue reading Your gift gives hope to Mandy & Mike. Hope for a cure one day for Drea’s complex cancer.

“You have Stage IV Hodgkin Lymphoma and must immediately begin treatment,” is a statement 29-year-old Angel Ronquillo never, ever thought she’d hear. Last spring Angel – a passionate teacher – was busy planning for her future when she received this life-altering news. Angel was immediately faced with a new reality she needed help navigating. Your support has been integral to Angel and others diagnosed with cancer. Your generosity funds CancerCare … Continue reading

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming for patients and their loved ones. They often experience a wide range of emotions and have many questions about what lies ahead for them. Fortunately because of your support, there is a comforting place at CancerCare Manitoba which has the resources and answers they are often seeking. Your investment funds the Patient and Family Resource Centre (PFRC), a sanctuary of sorts for the nearly … Continue reading

Your investment in Manitoba’s world-class tumour bank will help patients like Frances.

As I’m sure you can imagine, having your fear of cancer confirmed can be life-altering. It was an awful blow for Frances Reibin, 64, mother and grandmother of eight when she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer this past winter. Unfortunately Frances’ family has a history of colorectal cancer. This put her on the list to receive home screening tests from CancerCare Manitoba. The results of Frances’ test triggered the need … Continue reading Your investment in Manitoba’s world-class tumour bank will help patients like Frances.