You can change the face of cancer in Manitoba.

Support local research by becoming a Champion of Discovery today.

By joining with hundreds of Champions from across the province in supporting local research at CancerCare Manitoba, you are creating more tomorrows for cancer patients and their families.

Local research informs best practices for patient care, clinical programs, training and education. Your ongoing support will truly help increase the scale and scope of CancerCare Manitoba’s research programs and complement of world-class scientists.

Champions of Discovery choose to give monthly for very compelling reasons:

“I hope that my donations will allow one less person to go through the rigours of cancer treatments.”

Bob Aldridge, Champion of Discovery

“I’m proud to support local research, an important investment in quality-of-life in our province.”

Anonymous, Champion of Discovery

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Why Local Research Matters

Without local research, there is no cancer control. Research is critical to improving patient care. It identifies new and innovative treatments as well as brings the positive impacts of clinical trials conducted here in Manitoba. This research culture attracts the best clinical and research talent from across the world, including CancerCare’s head of research who came here from Australia.

Thanks to Champions of Discovery who give monthly, the Research Institute can take a comprehensive approach to cancer research by integrating ideas, projects and data from across the cancer journey.

A Brief History of Research at CancerCare Manitoba

Thanks to the support of donors, and through collaboration with the University of Manitoba and other health-care partners, CancerCare Manitoba has built a world-class integrated research centre over the past decades.

In 1969 Dr. Lyonel Israels established the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology. A critical part of this Institute model was the co-location of basic science and translational research with clinicians and patients. Taking discoveries from bench-to bedside, and back again, directly benefits patients and to this day remains a key principle of our province’s cancer control program.

In 2015, this approach resulted in the formation of the Research Institute in Oncology and Hematology, which now includes laboratory and clinical researchers from across the spectrum of cancer and blood disorders. The Research Institute is the only provincial organization dedicated exclusively to improving cancer control in Manitoba through research and innovation.

Coordination of cancer research across the province is a priority so all Manitobans will have the opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, research discoveries. This is made possible through the support of Manitobans like you.