Donors helped and inspired Lawrence

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Lawrence Richter represents “paying it forward” at its finest. He has responded to your kindness – supporting people with cancer – by becoming a donor himself.

Lawrence has learned in the most meaningful way how your generosity has changed his life. He is so grateful and it’s inspired him to help others.

A few years ago, Lawrence told his doctor he was possibly at risk for pancreatic cancer due to a prior occupation. He had a physical exam and his bloodwork showed something wasn’t right. This led to different tests and appointments to determine the cause of the abnormal results. The eventual life altering diagnosis – metastatic thyroid cancer. Two weeks later he had surgery to remove his thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes.

Unfortunately, the surgery alone could not eradicate his cancer. It had spread to his spine and Lawrence faced the grim reality he would eventually lose the use of his legs. He had 30 radiation treatments for pain management but couldn’t have chemotherapy due to a heart condition.

There were no more options in Manitoba available to him. His quality of life was very poor, he was rarely able to leave the house.

While COVID has been anything but a blessing, for Lawrence it proved to be. He couldn’t travel to another province to take part in a trial so was given compassionate access to participate here in Manitoba. This past April Lawrence began receiving a targeted treatment at CancerCare. It’s had a very positive effect on his cancer and a dramatic impact on his quality of life.

Your commitment made his participation in this trial possible. And your caring paved the way for him to give back so others could benefit.

“I used to walk by the Foundation office when I was in for my treatments. One day I stopped in and donated. I realized I was helped by you, the Foundation’s donors,” comments Lawrence. “Now I go in once a month and make my own donation. I am able to do this, and it makes me feel good.”

Now 69, Lawrence is retired and enjoying spending quality time with his wife and friends. Remarkably and in large part thanks to you, his cancer is stable. He’s an avid bike rider, cycling to all his appointments at CancerCare Manitoba. And weekly on Sundays he meets a group of friends at the Forks and they travel up to 50 kilometres.

This winter he is looking forward to skating the river trail from his home to the Forks. His health and outlook have literally done an about-face these past six months. He does not take this or your support for granted.

Your kindness is what motivates him to pay it forward.

“You learn when you come to CancerCare how incredible it is. So many caring people, where do you start? It truly opened my eyes,” says Lawrence. “I appreciate this very much and am trying to do everything I can now to help others just as you’ve helped me.”