Laura’s Story

Laura Lane wakes up each day knowing the cancer invading her body cannot be cured. It’s the daunting reality for this 62-year-old mother, diagnosed with ovarian cancer six years ago.

Donors’ past support and the hope it gives her helps Laura get out of bed each morning. She is grateful donors have contributed to a life-extending clinical trial she is on and thankful for their investment in research.

To ensure this research continues and evolves to make more discoveries, your investment is needed to fund new software for CancerCare Manitoba’s Research Institute. Will you consider supporting this very important initiative to bring more hope to Manitobans like Laura?

Laura’s cancer is “high-grade”, the most aggressive and hardest to treat. It’s a common diagnosis in women because cells have often already spread by the time the cancer is confirmed. The result? A very low survival rate.

Adding to the complexity of ovarian cancer often being diagnosed late, it’s also drug resistant. Eventually chemotherapy stops working and the cancer returns. The reasons why this happens aren’t yet widely understood.

Thanks to the investment of donors like you, a talented team at CancerCare Manitoba is leading research which seeks to uncover the root causes of drug resistant ovarian cancer.
These researchers have learned 95% of high-grade ovarian cancer diagnoses exhibit “chromosome instability” which causes ongoing changes in cells, often leading to cancer starting, drug resistance and poor outcomes.

For their ground-breaking research, the scientists need tumour samples from women with ovarian cancer. Like many generous and altruistic patients before her, Laura wanted to do what she could to help. She unselfishly agreed to provide her cancer sample for this research project.

Through her personal support, Laura is a research partner to CancerCare Manitoba’s scientists, just as you can be. To further their important work, they need imaging software for their lab computers to analyze the cancer samples Laura and other women have donated.

Your commitment will fund the $60,000 software which will enable the research team at CancerCare to make discoveries at a much faster pace. Monthly donors support this project and other important local research. Join other generous Manitobans and sign up as a monthly donor in support of local research today.

Dr Kirk McManus looking into microscope

Led by Dr. Kirk McManus, ten lab members will use the software your gift will make possible to uncover the genes which cause chromosome instability. Your support will help them develop new therapies to target cancer cell defects.

Dr. McManus and his team are profoundly grateful and know they could not carry on their research without the support of donors like you.

They need your help to continue finding answers which will save lives. Your gift in support of the imaging software will lead to more tomorrows for Manitoba women diagnosed with ovarian cancer like Laura.

For Laura, both the cancer and treatment she’s endured have been intense and taken a physical and emotional toll. Each good day she has allows her to spend quality time with her loving son and mother. And to read, garden and put her toes in the sand at her cottage. These quality moments and the gratitude she feels for donors like you bring a smile to her beautiful face.

Will you will consider making a gift today in support of advancing research in Manitoba and in support of Manitobans living with cancer like Laura?