A Big Win For Kids

Hockey Fights Cancer is back with the Winnipeg Jets! Throughout November, attend the games at Canada Life Centre to get your signed pucks and mini sticks to help support. You can also donate at biggestfans.ca, or check out the Hockey Fights Cancer raffle at tnyraffle.bump5050.com for your chance at one of eight warm-up worn Jets jerseys. Plus, attend Hockey Fights Cancer night on November 22 to hear special stories of young people who are facing a cancer diagnosis.

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This November marks the Winnipeg Jets’ 10th Hockey Fights Cancer (HFC) campaign. Fans have generously raised more than $850,000 over nine HFC campaigns to help local kids receive care right in Manitoba.

This year, we are honoured to feature four special young ambassadors: Hargun, Donald, Alyvia and Ethan. Growing up, we all have hopes, dreams, and hobbies, and these four young people are no different. They want to draw and dance. They want to hang out with their friends and siblings. And like classic Manitobans, they want to cheer for the Jets.

Each year, between 50 and 60 children in Manitoba are diagnosed with cancer and many more continue treatments. Because of you, and the support from Hockey Fights Cancer, these children and their families get to enjoy more tomorrows together.

Learn more about each of the special guests for Hockey Fights Cancer night below.



Hargun, 7, is a bright-eyed, joyful, funny, and determined little girl. She loves to read, draw pictures, and play with her cousins. Last fall, her family’s life was turned upside down after they received a shocking diagnosis no parent is ever prepared to hear. Only 6 years old at the time, Hargun was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Today, Hargun takes daily chemotherapy medication and has monthly visits to the hospital for intravenous medication. She also has regular visits for spinal taps which allow doctors to analyze and monitor her progress. She has good days and hard days as she continues on her path to becoming free of cancer and completing her treatment in February 2023.

Despite the tremendous challenges associated with battling cancer, Hargun has remained tough through it all, inspiring her family and others to be strong with her.


Donald, 11, has spent the last year fighting for his life. In the fall of 2020 he was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia only one month after he began to feel unwell.

Donald was admitted to the hospital immediately and began treatment. His grandmother took a leave of absence from work so she could be by his side during his battle with cancer. The pair spent the next five months living in the hospital as Donald underwent chemotherapy treatments and battled infections and severe side effects. While at the hospital, they connected with loved ones virtually, and eventually in the summer of 2021, were able to go to parks and trails to experience the outdoors and visit with family.

Donald has now returned home will continue with his daily treatments for the next two years and make the trip to Winnipeg twice a month for tests. It’s still a long road ahead. Donald and his family are taking it one day at a time while they continue to hope for a future free of cancer. A future, they can look forward to thanks to the support of Hockey Fights Cancer supporters.


Alyvia, 4, was diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable brain tumour after her parents noticed a regression in her gross motor skills at the age of 2.

Alyvia’s doctor at CancerCare Manitoba knew of a targeted therapy treatment option currently in the trial stages and worked hard to secure drug access for her. Targeted therapy with this drug was started immediately, and in less than a week’s time, Alyvia had improved enough to be released from the hospital. Today, as she continues with daily treatment, her tumour is almost vanished compared to its size at diagnosis. She’s taking hip hop dance classes this year and loves running around outside with her friends. Her parents lovingly describe her as an entertainer who loves telling jokes and being the centre of attention.

There are still so many unknowns, but through Alyvia’s continued progress and the support of the CancerCare Manitoba oncology team, her parents are focused on what’s important in life and trusting the science that is saving their daughter’s life. Without it, her story would have ended very differently.


Ethan, 15, has a love for life and a passion for meeting new people. He loves school, outdoor activities like camping, fishing, snowmobiling and is a HUGE Winnipeg Jets fan.

At just nine years old after a routine MRI, a small inoperable tumor was discovered on Ethan’s optic nerve next to his brain. What initially began as a 68-week treatment plan, continues today, more than six years later. In order to keep his tumor from growing too extensively Ethan must continue on a rotation of chemotherapy and regular testing.

Donations to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation directly support clinical trials and access to targeted therapies that can make a difference for Ethan and other Manitobans affected by cancer.