Hair-raiser and Head Shave Fundraisers

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Have you been thinking of doing something totally radical and a little nerve racking to show your support of a loved one, dear friend or work colleague who is on a cancer journey? Or are you donating your hair and want to turn your cut into a fundraiser?

Every year, dozens and dozens of Manitobans take the plunge of cutting their long locks or shaving their heads to show their camaraderie with those dealing with cancer. Many of them turn this incredibly selfless act into a fundraiser to help support research, clinical trials and patient care at CancerCare Manitoba.

Join these generous donors in your own Hair-Raiser or Head Shave:

Harry’s Hair for Cancer Care!, hosted by Harry Yamniuk

“Over the years, I have seen friends, family, and colleagues go through very stressful times trying to overcome this terrible disease called cancer. I felt powerless watching and praying that they will win this fight, and some were not so lucky.

Instead of feeling powerless, I have found a way to support the battle against cancer, through my support for CancerCare Manitoba. This is a small but important way to help eradicate cancer – and you can help too! When we pull together, it’s amazing what we can do.”

Harry raised nearly $3,200

Claire’s Hair to Share, hosted by Claire Morden

Claire is a researcher at CancerCare Manitoba who wanted to raise funds for women’s cancer research in Manitoba.

Not only did Claire shave her head with friends, family and co-workers on-site at CancerCare (with Dr. Kirk McManus taking a snip!) she donated her long hair AND raised funds for the Foundation.

Claire raised $2,556

HAIR-raiser, hosted by Alexandra Eyjolfson

Alexandra, also known as Alex, helped organize a head shave fundraiser at École Robert Browning school to raise funds for the Foundation.

Alex raised $2,256

George Waters Middle School Headshave Fundraiser, hosted by George Waters Middle School

To support a colleague, friend and teacher in treatment at CancerCare Manitoba, George Waters Middle School hosted a fundraising event where teachers choose to shave their head OR have glitter thrown in hair.

George Waters Middle School raised $917.05

To organize your own Hair-Raiser or Head Shave please contact or 204-784-2777 for more information.

If you’re interested in donating hair from your Hair-Raiser or Head Shave, please visit CancerCare Manitoba’s Guardian Angel Caring Room for more information.