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This GivingTuesday your investment in cancer research made a difference.
 iA Financial Group matched donations up to $25,000.

The Paul Albrechtsen Research Institute CancerCare Manitoba is home to a unique set of single cell technologies. These technologies are allowing scientists to advance cancer research and develop new treatment options. At the root of developing new strategies to treat an individual’s type of cancer is understanding how individual cells interact with each other. This is why your investment in single cell technology is so critical.

Why Manitobans like Terri need your help.

What began as a routine doctor’s appointment led to multiple tests including ultrasounds and an urgent MRI. Ultimately, Terri was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February of 2021 in the midst of the pandemic. 

After her diagnosis Terri was referred to a specialist and underwent major surgery within a month’s time. This was followed by six rounds of chemotherapy. Less than a year after her diagnosis, a CT scan thankfully showed no evidence of cancer.  Terri looked forward to returning to a more normal life.

The day before Terri was to return to work, she learned the cancer had returned. 

Although Terri felt healthy and was looking forward to returning to a job that she loved, she found herself once again preparing for rounds of chemotherapy. This time, the treatment took a heavier toll on her body and the side effects were more severe.

Mentally, it was also challenging. Her oncologist informed her that a recurrence in ovarian cancer is hard to treat with few treatment options that offer longevity. 

Research using single cell technology is critical for patients like Terri. With your help today, scientists at the Research Institute will be that much closer to creating individualized cancer treatment plans, changing the future of Manitobans like Terri impacted by a diagnosis.

“When you are given a diagnosis that doesn’t have a cure, it changes how you think. It’s very emotional.”

While Terri is symptom free today, it’s expected that one day, the cancer will return.  

Terri doesn’t know when her cancer will return. There are days anxiety and worry creep into her mind.

Despite all of this, Terri is living every day as fully as she can and trying not to worry about how many days she may have left. She makes very intentional choices about how she spends her time and does the things that matter to her the most. Like spending time with the people she loves, in particular her young grandsons.

“I’m still hoping they’ll have a lot of years to make memories with me and that they’re good memories.”

Join the movement and change the future.

This GivingTuesday we invite you to follow 17 Manitobans impacted by cancer who are sharing their stories in an effort to change the future – for you and for their loved ones.  Inspire others to join the movement. Share in your social media why cancer research is important to you using the hashtag #ForYourTomorrows.  


Follow a researcher who will turn your donation into life-saving treatments.

This GivingTuesday local researchers from the Paul Albrechtson Research Institute CancerCare Manitoba are sharing what your support means to them.  Follow them today to get a behind-the-scenes sense of the impact you have on them.

Learn more about single cell technology from local scientists in the Research Institute, Drs. Kirk McManus and Yale Michaels. 

Thank you to iA Financial Group for generously matching up to $25,000 in donations this GivingTuesday, helping Manitobans with cancer and their loved ones enjoy more tomorrows together. 

Thank you to iA Financial Group for generously matching up to $25,000 in donations this GivingTuesday, helping Manitobans with cancer and their loved ones enjoy more tomorrows together

Year-after-year, iA Financial Group makes a commitment to the community and works tirelessly to support its development and well-being.

iA Financial Group is one of the largest insurance and wealth management groups in Canada, with operations in the United States. Founded in 1892, it is an important Canadian public company and is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols IAG (common shares) and IAF (preferred shares).

iA Financial Group’s objective is to provide support to causes that focus on improving quality of life for Canadians. They target donations to organizations working in the areas of health, education, social and community support, and the environment.


” At iA Financial Group, giving back to the communities in which we live and work is part of the core values of our corporate culture. 

We have family, friends and colleagues who have been impacted by a cancer diagnosis and as such we feel privileged to support a cause that impacts so many people. This GivingTuesday we matched all donations up to $25,000 to help support the life-saving work at CancerCare Manitoba.” 

– Azmina Karim-Bondy, Chair of the Corporate Donations Committee, Western Region 

L-R: James Crouch, Sales Director, iA Financial Group, Patti Smith, President & CEO, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, Jessica Johanson, Sales Director, iA Financial Group, Ross Cook, Sales Director, iA Financial Group