Fundraise Your Way April 2024

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With over 300 fundraising events every year big and small there is so much good taking place to support CancerCare Manitoba and we want you to know about it. The collective total raised each year from community fundraisers averages close to $2 million. That is AMAZING! We mean it when we say you are making a difference. Your events make change happen; every donation moves us one step closer to beating cancer. Never underestimate the power of fundraising.


Donna Mansfield from Killarney, Manitoba represents the many community fundraisers throughout our province supporting CancerCare Manitoba Foundation (CCMF). Donna was instrumental in getting the Foundation added to the local donor’s choice listing, connecting the Foundation with the local paper and even making tribute envelopes available to those who wish to make donations in memory of loved ones. As she’s seen opportunities to let people know about CCMF, she’s taken them. We asked Donna why this was so important to her. 

“Well my late husband received such good care from CancerCare Manitoba, and I was surprised to learn that there were many people in my community who didn’t know that funds stay in the province to support CCMB when donated. I wanted to make sure my community members understood that it makes a real difference when funds support our local cancer authority and stay in Manitoba.”

Last summer when the opportunity to take part in Lemonade Stands for Hope (LSFH) came along Donna was one of the first to register a stand. After a summer of selling virtual cups of lemonade and hosting in-person stands with her daughter and local community kids, they ended up raising over $6000, making them the top earning stand of 2023. We asked Donna what she thought about LSFH and here’s what she shared.

“It was a great experience for me and my daughter. I was honestly surprised at how easy it was. I started by selling what I called virtual cups of lemonade. I simply picked up the phone and started calling people I knew and local businesses in the community and asked for donations toward our stand. The amount of people who were so willing to support us was amazing. I’d encourage anyone to not be afraid to ask others to support this cause. Some may say no and that’s ok, but most said yes and that’s how we were able to raise so much, with community support.”

In addition to bringing the local neighbourhood kids together, the stand also got a special visit from a wedding party following a Facebook post on the town’s page. The bride had lost her father to cancer and wanted to make sure they supported the stand on their special day in honour of him. 

“It was really special to see how this event brought people together. We’ve sadly all been touched by cancer in someway and this was an opportunity to help others. It was really very special,” said Donna.

Donna has advice for those thinking of hosting an event,

“People need to know about supporting our local cancer center. I don’t think enough people know about it. I was surprised how many people in my own community were confused about where funds go. I’m happy to raise funds that I know will stay in Manitoba and help my loved ones. If I can help spread the word I’m happy to do it. I think anyone can do that.”


Every winter Manitoba shows up and you Fundraise Your Way in true Manitoba winter style.

This past winter was a bit of a strange one regarding the weather. From postponed hockey games due to blizzards, to venue changes due to thawing ice, nothing stopped our fundraising organizers, You are all amazing.

From hockey fights cancer games all over Manitoba, curling, ice fishing and ringette you give your passions a purpose and make a true difference.

See some of this past winters events in action in the event photo album. Check out upcoming spring and summer events through the event calendar. 


If you’re a teacher, coach, or know of young heroes in your life that want to fundraise for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation we’d love to help support them. 

Our youngest philanthropists are heroes helping save lives with their fundraising and donations. Heroes of Hope receive a special certificate of appreciation in recognition of their compassion and effort. Nimmi Ramgotra has been going to the local Sikh temples for the last few years and collecting donations. Through Nimmi’s efforts she has had several young Heroes of Hope join her in handing out information at the temples she visits. You’re never to young to lend a hand and help others.

We are so grateful to all our Heroes of Hope. If you are interested in becoming a Hero of Hope let us know we’d love to hear from you.


We are always inspired by those who choose to celebrate life events by turning them into a way to fundraise for CCMF and honour others you know and love. From weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more these celebrations are truly special. This past winter the Bawa’s decided to celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Bawa by requesting donations for their baby shower. See how the Bawa’s used their celebration donation page to honour a friend, and celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Bawa here.

If you have a celebration you want to turn into a fundraiser we’re here and ready to help you out. Thank you to all the amazing fundraisers who choose to celebrate their events by requesting donations. Your celebrations make such an impact for those we know and love touched by cancer. Thank you!


See the Impact Your Donations

Watch our new video to learn more about the impact your donation is making at CancerCare Manitoba.

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Have our Protect Your Tomorrows Team at Your Summer Event!

Our summer team brings the fun all while learning about how to reduce your own risk of cancer. Are you interested in having our Protect Your Tomorrows team attend your event? Get your requests in soon as the summer schedule is filling up!


Manitobans host hundreds of fundraising events to make a difference for those in our province touched by cancer. Find one to support!

Give your passion a purpose and make a difference for Manitobans touched by cancer by hosting your own fundraiser!