Your investment in Manitoba’s world-class tumour bank will help patients like Frances

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As I’m sure you can imagine, having your fear of cancer confirmed can be life-altering.

It was an awful blow for Frances Reibin, 64, mother and grandmother of eight when she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer this past winter.

Unfortunately Frances’ family has a history of colorectal cancer. This put her on the list to receive home screening tests from CancerCare Manitoba. The results of Frances’ test triggered the need for a procedure, an invasive colonoscopy.

Staring out the window on the flight from her home community of Flin Flon to receive her test results in Winnipeg, Frances tried to prepare herself for the worst.

Even still, receiving the news she had colorectal cancer was incredibly hard.

Thanks in part to your past thoughtful investment in CancerCare Manitoba, Frances was in great hands. She was seen by Dr. Jason Park, a bright and talented surgical oncologist. Within just a couple of weeks of receiving her diagnosis, Frances’ tumour and surrounding lymph nodes were removed.

Like many incredibly generous and forward-thinking patients before her, Frances wanted to do what she could to help those who will be diagnosed with cancer in the future.

Without hesitation, she unselfishly agreed to provide a sample of her tumour to CancerCare Manitoba’s donor-funded, world-class tumour bank.

Through this most personal support, Frances has become one of hundreds of partners to CancerCare Manitoba’s scientists. Patients along with donors like you collaborate to provide them with this unparalleled opportunity to develop new therapies. Therapies which may one day dramatically improve outcomes for Frances and others like her.

By investing in the Tumour Bank this spring, you too can be one of these partners. For Frances and other patients who have literally given of themselves, your commitment can help make the discoveries they dream of become a reality.

You may have heard research is key to developing new methods to treat or cure cancer.

Did you know studies show cancer treatment centres with research facilities provide better outcomes for patients?

By investing in the tumour bank, you are investing in local research. The end result … Manitoba cancer patients receiving innovative treatments faster.

Originally established to collect breast cancer tissue, the bank has evolved over the past three decades. It now collects samples for a number of cancers including prostate, lung, head and neck, leukemia and colorectal.

The quality and diversity of the bank’s samples are key to its ability to move science forward. Government is simply not in a position to fund the equipment and highly trained staff needed to collect and optimize these samples.

This makes your investment even more critical.

CancerCare Manitoba doctors including Dr. Park carefully steward this precious gift which you have made possible. They have expanded the bank’s scope and charted a path for the future. Now they need your help to fulfill their vision; your gift today may one day save the life of someone you care for.

I personally appreciate the impact colorectal cancer has on families.

Over thirty years ago, my dad was diagnosed with this dreaded disease. In less than two years, he was taken from us – my mom, me and nine siblings. It was an enormous loss.

His treatment options were very limited and he suffered a lot. There wasn’t hope then for a cure for his cancer.

Thanks to your past support progress has been made. And thanks to your ongoing support, there can be more reason to hope.

In the nearly twelve years I’ve been with the Foundation, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible progress made because of the research your gifts have enabled. I am well aware though colorectal cancer plays no favourites and is one of the most prevalent cancers in our province.

To this day there still remain patients who, like my father, will not survive this cancer. There is much more which needs to be done.

We must continue to act.

As someone who has given generously in the past you understand each of us has the power to positively impact others. I hope you will consider joining Frances and I in making a donation in support of Manitoba’s tumour bank – and in support of Manitoba’s cancer patients – today.

With sincerest gratitude,

Annitta Stenning President & CEO
CancerCare Manitoba Foundation

By committing to a monthly gift and joining other Champions of Discovery in supporting research at CancerCare Manitoba, you are helping create more tomorrows for cancer patients and their families across Manitoba.