Kick Cancer Dressage

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May 28, 2024 – June 4, 2024 all-day America/Winnipeg Timezone

Visit the Kick Cancer Dressage Facebook Page for more information.

Get Involved..

Those two words have an astonishing impact on the future of all fundraising efforts to support people who are impacted by this onerous disease. Fundraising that supports individuals, families and those working to sure Cancer. Funds that support not only research but programs and services often out of the scope of government support. Funds that will help the 6000 plus newly diagnosed Manitobans this year. And let’s not forget the others who are already diagnosed. And, stats that tell us within the next decade that number will increase by 50%. These figures are in Manitoba alone. Not across Canada. Manitoba, where the population is minor compared to Ontario, BC and Quebec.

The Three of Us are proud to continue our fundraising efforts for the third year with “Kick Cancer Dressage”. The funds – over $6,000 – in two years. And we aim high. Hopefully $3,500 this year.

Get Involved – that’s the course of action.

A big shout out to our riders and their families who without fail continue to engage in our efforts. And to all the new riders this year who will choose to get involved. And their families who support them. Such a small thing to do. And the rewards are overwhelming.

Thank you for “Getting Involved” …

The Three of Us

Barbara, Catherine and Kathy