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Cole’s Cancer Awareness Fund – Ongoing @ Winkler, MB
Dec 31 all-day
Cole made t-shirts and organized a fundraiser in support of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation through Kid Biz Camp.
Dally’s Taking Cancer to the Train Station – End of Campaign
Dec 31 all-day

Team Dally is committed to making a difference for all Manitobans and their families living with cancer.

After being in remission for nearly five years, my brother Marke’s Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) relapsed at the end of June. On the first day of his treatments in 2016, a friend gave him a Superman robe that became the theme of his experience.  This time, we had a t-shirt designed (pictured above) for him to wear the day he began his treatments. It says “TAKING CANCER TO THE TRAIN STATION”, playing on an expression from his favourite tv show, Yellowstone, where one of the main characters uses the code “taking him to the train station” when he’s about to “take out” a bad guy. This is exactly what we’re planning on doing to his AML once and for all with the help of CancerCare Manitoba, the team on GD6 and you!

Many of you have offered meals, prayers, positive energy, and anything else our family could possibly need or want to support us through this journey. Your kindness and generosity, along with the advancements in research and treatments, inspired us to hold a fundraiser to support CancerCare Manitoba in its work to change lives and change the course of cancer. Please consider making a donation in Marke’s honour.   Every donation -no matter the amount- is critical to stay ahead of this disease.

One example of the advancements we’re benefitting from is that only five short years ago a bone marrow transplant (also referred to as a stem cell transplant) would have required the bone marrow to be collected from within a donor’s hipbone.  Not that any of us wouldn’t undergo this invasive and painful treatment for our loved ones, but because of research, when Marke needed a stem cell transplant, it was simply be collected from his sister Roslyn’s blood. You can imagine the relief from our perspective!

We are proud to be fundraising for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to help deliver the best research, patient care, treatment and support for all Manitobans and their families living with cancer.

Thank you for your consideration.

Team Dally

PS:  If you would like to order a shirt like Marke’s with a charitable tax receipt (for the net proceeds) to further support our fundraising efforts, please visit our online store at https://printedshirts-ca-stores-tcttts.itemorder.com/shop/sale/?saleCode=9FSZ9

Donate a Car
Dec 31 all-day
Hang Em High Hockey Club – Bell’s Blankets Fundraiser
Dec 31 all-day

The Hang Em High Hockey Club is a group of fine stellar distinguished gentlemen that play old time beer league hockey in Winnipeg. Since our teams inception in 1992, we have been involved with a children’s charity. Our team has an annual fundraising tradition which involves passing around the Festivus Sock in the dressing room during the month of December. The funds are collected and donated to a selected children’s charity in the form of toys, toques, games and cash. In 2017, we decided to re-focus our fundraising efforts and made the annual fundraiser more personal and called it “Bell’s Blankets”. One of our teammates, Matt Bell, has been battling cancer for a few years. Even though Matt has a tough time skating backwards and scoring goals, he still is a highly valued and tenacious defenseman on our squad. Kidding aside, Matt is a good hockey player, but don’t tell him that lol. Matt is one of those guys that doesn’t complain about the hand he has been dealt and asks for no pity, to the point where you would never know he has cancer. He is the type of guy whose main goal is to make us laugh and have a good time. Matt’s story is very inspirational and we encourage you to view it on the Cancercare website. The money we raise with our Festivus Sock will go towards buying warm and cozy Winnipeg Jets blankets (Bell’s Blankets) along with a large cash donation to the children in the Children’s Pediatric Oncology Clinic at Cancercare. The goal with the blankets is to give the children some comfort and something tangible to hold during a trying time.

We all have individual stories involved with cancer, this is our teammates story. We encourage you to go hard into the corners and dig out your donation.

On behalf of our Hang Em High Hockey Club and Matt Bell, we thank you for the time to read this and hope you can donate on behalf of Bell’s Blankets.

Manitoba Birthday Drives
Dec 31 all-day
Olafson & Jones Casual Fridays
Dec 31 all-day
Prairie Eye Care Repair/Adjustment Fundraising Campaign (2020-2021) @ Prairie Eye Care
Dec 31 all-day
ROGA Drone Cancer Program – Ongoing 2021 @ ROGA Drone
Dec 31 all-day
ROGA Drone will be donating $1,000 from each drone sale to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.
Warrior Ornament Sale @ Instagram
Dec 31 all-day
Associated Auto Auction
Jan 1 all-day