Conor’s Story

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On December 19th, 2012, Conor was not a cancer patient. The next day, Conor and his family would learn that he was in for the fight of his life.

At the young age of 3, Conor was diagnosed with leukemia. Life for the next three and a half years would be very different from his “pre-cancer” life. In the first ten months of his treatment, Conor underwent two surgeries, survived a life threatening infection, had 13 lumbar punctures, spent over a month in the isolation unit and received nearly 150 rounds of chemo medication.

Although it’s been incredibly challenging, Conor and his family have taken his journey in stride. We are happy to say he is now in remission! Conor is on a steady stream of daily chemo, monthly steroids, and regular lumbar punctures but fortunately he has to make fewer and fewer visits to CancerCare Manitoba. He will complete treatment in April, 2016 when there will be a huge celebration.

Although Conor could not take part in a clinical trial, he benefitted immensely from what we continue to learn from pediatric clinical trials at CancerCare Manitoba. We want to continue to support research that will help other brave children today and in the future who will battle a cancer diagnosis. Our hope is the next family that receives an unexpected diagnosis can take comfort in knowing that CancerCare Manitoba is engaged in cutting edge trials and their child will receive the absolute best care when they need it most.