Bucks Fore Birdies

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Golfing is a classic Manitoba past-time. Take your passion for golf and turn it into your chance to change lives!

Pledge donations for birdies, bogies, eagles or any score in a game of golf. You can decide on one or choose multiple – we encourage you to have fun with it! The amount you pledge to each score is up to you. 

You are welcome to do Bucks Fore Birdies whenever your golf season is, whether that is over the Spring and Summer or if you golf year-round.

How to take part in Bucks Fore Birdies:
1. Determine your pledge
2. Keep track of your pledge scores per game
3. Submit your donation
Submitting your donations:

Submitting your donations:
When you’re ready to send in your donation at the
end of your season, you can donate online using the button below.

or send in your donation to the address below.

1160-675 McDermot Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3E 0V9

How Bucks For Birdies Started

Cancer unfortunately touches us all. Something James Fitzgerald is all too familiar with. After losing three loved ones to cancer, James decided to give his golf game a new meaning in their honour.

“I decided at the start of a golf season I would donate a certain amount for each birdie I got to cancer research,” says James.

A simple concept that has meant so much to James and changed the way he looks at getting a birdie.

“Each time I get a birdie I track it and I reflect upon the special people I’m honouring. It’s become a celebration of their life in a round of golf. I think of them when I mark my birdie and it brings me joy.”

After discussing his personal birdie challenge with his golfing partner, the two were inspired to start a grass roots program in
support of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. All funds raised and donated to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation remain in Manitoba to support CancerCare’s internationally recognized team of health professionals who provide outstanding care for patients and their families. The Foundation shares CancerCare’s bold vision, “A world free of cancer” and the goal that no life is cut short by cancer, a complex set of more than 200 diseases.

“Bucks Fore Birdies can add a whole new meaning to your game of golf. We hope you’ll join us and make the pledge to help those touched by cancer here in Manitoba,” encourages James.

Don also golfed five courses in one day for his Challenge for Life in 2020 and again in 2021!

Meet Don MacDonald! A Bucks Fore Birdies Fundraiser since 2020

“Making a birdie (or better) is a cause for celebration – you have played the hole better than expected. While it is nice to put that low number on your scorecard, you can make your achievement even better by permanently commemorating it with a donation to “Bucks for Birdies”. Every golfer I know is appreciative about being able to play the great game of golf and the spirit of the game has always been to give back when you can. Committing to “Bucks for Birdies” for the 2023 season may be your best golf decision ever!”

Give your golf game a purpose and do your own Bucks Fore Birdies Challenge this golf season!

Want to learn more? Contact us at 204-784-2778 or skwan@cancercare.mb.ca