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Bjorn is grateful for your support and the difference it has made in his life.

Thanks to donors’ incredible commitment to ensuring Manitobans with cancer have access to leading-edge care, Bjorn is living his best life surrounded and supported by the people he cares about most. This is something he does not take for granted given he has been diagnosed with cancer three times and undergone three life-saving surgeries in the last three years.

When he was just 27-years-old, Bjorn received the difficult news that he had testicular cancer. As a young, healthy, physically active person, the diagnosis was understandably surprising. Fortunately, Bjorn had been proactive with his health and went to see his doctor as soon as he suspected something was wrong.

Following scans and bloodwork, Bjorn was given a cancer diagnosis.

“That was on a Friday afternoon and less than a week later, I underwent surgery.” Bjorn is grateful for the quick action by 


his oncology team at CancerCare Manitoba. “They always have a plan and that’s reassuring to me,” he said. After recovering from surgery, he was able to get back to doing things he loves – spending time with friends and family, exercising and returning to work as an accountant.

It was just nine months later following a routine scan that Bjorn’s oncologist detected cancer again. This time in the lymph nodes in his abdomen. Bjorn required complex abdominal surgery to remove the cancerous cells and hopefully prevent a future recurrence. Following surgery, in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bjorn remained in hospital. Not being able to see his family was challenging and lonely. For the next couple of months, he allowed himself to enjoy the ‘down time’ to take care of his physical and mental health as he recovered.

Unfortunately, that was not Bjorn’s last surgery.

In January 2023 it was determined he would need a third surgery after a cancerous spot was found on one of his lungs.

Thanks to donor-funded advancements in cancer care, the procedure would be non-invasive and would directly target the cancerous cells, while preserving the remainder of his lungs. For this, Bjorn is extremely grateful to Manitobans like you who support cancer research.

Today, Bjorn is feeling positive about the future. In March of last year, two months after surgery and a day after his 30th birthday he received the positive news there were no areas of concern on his scans. While he is still being closely monitored 

by his care team at CancerCare Manitoba, the time between scans and appointments has grown. And overall, he’s feeling great.

Bjorn is committed to living a physically active lifestyle which he feels benefits his mental health as well. He plays a number of team sports and loves riding his bike.

This June, Bjorn will once again be walking in Challenge for Life as the co-captain of the Canada Life team. “I’ve participated in this event for many years, but since my diagnosis, it’s become closer to my heart, and more meaningful. I feel really supported by my friends and family who walk with me and donate to support a great cause.”