Adam lost his father, but he’s still fighting to help others

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Hi, I’m Adam.
Adam and Mason during their 2020 headshave to raise money for pediatric cancer.
Like many others, I am connected to the cancer community through a loved one. For this year’s Giving Tuesday, I am sharing my story with you to let each of you know that you are not alone. I lost my dad at the age of 24 to cancer. At the time of my dad’s diagnosis, he was running the family printing business with his dad, mom and brother by his side. He was known for rooting for the underdog and always giving the small business or new business owner a chance to succeed as he would go through a wall for his friends/clients and partners. People loved working with and for my father. Nothing beats hearing an old story from someone new on how he helped them out along the way. My Dad was diagnosed with aggressive form of thyroid cancer, and survived 8 months after the diagnosis before he passed. The time flew by but I was so thankful to share every thought and feeling of how much my dad meant to me and the love I had for him to his face. I will always be thankful for those last cherished memories with him. When I was a young boy, a child in my school died of heart complications. I remember this moment vividly and when grieving, the mother of the child consoled me. The memory of this significant moment in my life, along with the loss of my father, has only encouraged me to do what I can to help give more tomorrows to young families affected by cancer. My hope is that cancer prevention awareness and research can give parents more time with their children and loved ones, with the memory of that young grieving mother from my childhood providing a guiding inspiration. No child should have to suffer with cancer. After playing hockey in Europe and the US, I made the decision during the pandemic to return to Winnipeg and start a career. It was important for me to give back to the cancer community. In 2020, my friend Mason and I started a head shave event to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer. It was a successful event and we quickly decided to make it an annual event. For two years in a row, we have raised over $2000 and have hopes to build on the event in 2022. Mason and I hope to make the future a little brighter for anyone dealing with this terrible disease. This is also why I share my story this Giving Tuesday. In hope I can inspire others to help support Manitobans facing cancer. Helping fund CancerCare Manitoba and the work they do is such an important part of that.
  Your support this Giving Tuesday will help ensure the dedicated professionals who work in CancerCare Manitoba’s Research Institute have the tools they need to advance crucial local research, giving so many Manitobans more tomorrows with loved ones.