Patient Stories

The Bottom Line

The Paul Albrechtsen Foundation Inc. is generously matching donations made this month up to $25,000. Raising awareness and funds in support of colorectal cancer. March is colorectal cancer awareness month, which makes it a great time to talk about the disease and raise awareness and funds in support of treatment and advancements. Colorectal cancer is one the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Manitoba. Over 900 men and women will be … Continue reading The Bottom Line

Tara’s Story

Cancer does not discriminate by age or gender. It does not care about your life plan. Cancer is a journey that can happen to anyone, anywhere. And it is one of the hardest journeys a person can travel. Seeing a family live through a cancer diagnosis is incredibly painful. For some, treatment is short and quickly effective. Others endure what seems like endless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. If … Continue reading Tara’s Story

Rachel’s Story

“I wish I had Leukemia.” These are the words of 17-year-old Rachel Kashton. And although you probably find them very surprising, I can assure you that you read them correctly. You see, when Rachel was only 14 years old she was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). This form of leukemia is very rare, affecting only 10% of people who are diagnosed with leukemia and nearly always adults. It starts … Continue reading Rachel’s Story

Conor’s Story

On December 19th, 2012, Conor was not a cancer patient. The next day, Conor and his family would learn that he was in for the fight of his life. At the young age of 3, Conor was diagnosed with leukemia. Life for the next three and a half years would be very different from his “pre-cancer” life. In the first ten months of his treatment, Conor underwent two surgeries, survived … Continue reading Conor’s Story

Zoey and Zayne’s Story

Before they had names, before they had cute little grins, before they had even left their mother’s womb, the Espayos twins were already in a fight for their lives. Zoey and Zayne Espayos were born on August 30, 2013, but their story actually begins eight blood transfusions earlier. You might think the most shocking part of Reina Espayos’ pregnancy was learning that she was carrying identical twin girls. You would … Continue reading Zoey and Zayne’s Story