Giving Young People A Fighting Chance

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is part of a historic new project aimed at finding treatments for children, adolescents and young adults to beat their cancer. Great progress has been made in curing these patients, with over 80 per cent of all cases now being successfully treated. That still leaves 20 per cent of cases without positive outcomes though.

Terry Fox PROFYLE (PRecision Oncology For Young peopLE) is the new Canada-wide project involving 30 pediatric cancer research and funding organizations around the country which are joining forces and providing $16.4 million to focus on these 20 per cent of very hard to treat cancers. The Foundation will provide funding of up to $1 million over five years, and CancerCare Manitoba will be a research partner.

In late 2017, the Foundation hosted community members and outlined the exciting ways youth with cancer will be directly affected by this new project. Drs. Geoff Cuvelier, Issai Vanan, and Leonard Minuk shared the improvements within pediatric cancer through clinical trials and what to expect in the future with PROFYLE. They showed how collaboration between many different research facilities across the nation leads to smarter, faster and better treatment. The young people who are being treated now will benefit and so will the generations which follow.

Foundation president and CEO Annitta Stenning publicly announced the Foundation’s funding commitment. Dr. Cuvelier spoke about CancerCare Manitoba’s role in this innovative project and Graham McBain, sister to Kendra who passed away from cancer in her teens, shared their family’s personal perspective.

“She had a similar cancer to Terry Fox. His was in his bones. Kendra’s was in her muscles,” McBain said. “But she was such a rock star. She spearheaded a campaign to raise thousands of dollars (Kendra’s Walk) to help other teens who were really struggling and not responding to treatment, just like herself.”

PROFYLE is a ground-breaking step forward in Manitoba and across Canada for children and young adults with rare and hard-to-treat cancers. Learn more about PROFYLE here: