Growing Support for CancerCare 2016

August 28, 2016 – September 3, 2016 all-day America/Winnipeg Timezone
Elie, Manitoba
Darcy & Andrea Miller
Growing Support is back for a second great year! Darcy Miller and his wife Andrea run a family farm near Oakville, Manitoba. Together, they grow and sell pedigreed seed, and raise four energetic children. The Miller family has farmed the same patch of land since 1890, but a routine colonoscopy in January 2014 threatened that legacy. Despite a family history of colon cancer, Darcy’s test results caught him off guard; two polyps contained cancerous cells. A month later, a larger tissue sample confirmed the family’s worst fears… five of eleven lymph nodes were cancerous. Darcy began chemo treatment in July at the Portage District General Hospital. By September, he was receiving radiation at Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, and being motivated by fellow patients, “You see these young kids and think, if they’re tough enough to do this, then I better ‘cowboy up’”. At harvest time the seed of an idea took root in Darcy’s mind: What if I were to grow a crop and donate all the proceeds to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation? His idea was inspired by the vast improvements in cancer treatment he was witnessing firsthand. Twelve years earlier, Darcy had accompanied his own father to chemo appointments. Sadly, colon cancer claimed the life of both Darcy’s father and grandfather. Darcy named his project Growing Support for Cancer, and with the help of colleagues in the Ag industry it quickly grew. This fall, 90 acres of soybeans will be sold with all proceeds going to support life-saving research. The best news is – Darcy Miller will be there to harvest it. As of January 2015, Darcy is cancer-free. The whole Miller family is now proudly working on the project. Last year , thanks to the generosity of the entire community, this event raised over $87,000! You too have the power to Grow Support for Cancer (you don’t even need to be a farmer)!