CCMF Grant Process

As part of its mandate, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation has a responsibility to its donors to distribute funds to CancerCare Manitoba in a prudent and responsible manner.

All grant requests must meet the guidelines, principles and timelines set out by CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to meet eligibility requirements.

We consider requests from CancerCare Manitoba for financial support under the following categories:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Patient Care
  • Operational Program Support
  • Equipment
  • Capital Projects

Each grant application is subject to a three-step approval process:

  • The grant application is reviewed by the Foundation’s Projects, Grants and Awards Committee for scientific and medical merit.
  • It is then sent forward for recommendation to the Foundation’s Finance Committee to ensure resources are available.
  • Upon approval from the Finance Committee, the applications are taken to the Foundation Board for final approval.

The financial recording of each funded grant is through a specific account established and maintained within the CancerCare Manitoba financial system. The Foundation does not pay for approved projects in advance, rather remits support only on receipt of actual invoices.