Leave a Legacy Gift – Adding our Charity to your Will

…and change the course of cancer.

A legacy gift is not a donation. It is an investment. It is all about perpetuating your values, beliefs and strong desire to make a difference. A bequest could be the most important charitable gift you will ever make. A bequest is a celebration of joy, values and life.

A bequest through your Will provides you with an opportunity to make a major gift with significant impact upon your death. It also provides a deep sense of joy and partnership – during your life – knowing your gift will significantly impact critical cancer research and patient care. And it allows you to direct your gift to an area of specific interest to you.

How to Make a Legacy Gift:

  • Engage the advice of professionals, i.e. a lawyer and an accountant. These people will ensure that your Will truly reflects your wishes, is accurate and legally binding
  • Choose an Executor of your Will – someone you trust and rely on to carry out your wishes
  • Make a list of your assets
  • Decide how you would like to divide your assets. Consider your heirs first; charity second
  • Decide on the type of gifts you would like to leave
  • Keep your Will in a safe place

We would love to talk with you about your legacy planning. We would welcome sharing what we do at CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, what opportunities are available and how your gift will change the course of cancer in Manitoba. Most importantly we’d like to share with you today what your generosity will make possible tomorrow.

Thank you for considering a place for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation in your Will.

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